How to Landscape for Entertaining

Landscape for Entertaining

If you love nothing more than spending time with family and friends, then your home setup and landscaping are essential. You wouldn’t, for example, invite your entire family over for dinner if you only had enough chairs for two people.

That’s why landscape design is essential when you’re catering to specific requirements. If it’s not right, you’re not able to do everything you had planned. Here’s how to incorporate your need for entertaining into your landscape design.

Plenty of Seating

When Australia puts on a show in the warm summer months, you can often be in the mood to invite all your friends and family around. You can share a cold beverage outside and enjoy the sun beating down in your lovely surroundings. If that sounds like your idea of fun, then ensure you incorporate plenty of seating and seating areas into your landscape design. Consider brick, wood, or concrete benches to encompass the outer edges of your deck, or invest in outdoor tables and chairs.

Al Fresco Dining

Not everyone has a home that’s suitable for dining. A lack of space can drive you outside, which is not necessarily a bad thing when the weather’s beautiful. Make sure your outdoor entertaining area is equipped for al fresco dining. Invest in a barbecue and even look at chillers and bar leaners to make it a full dining experience. You can elevate your al fresco dining area with the use of nice building materials such as stone cladding or timber floors.

Provide Shelter

It can reach over 30 degrees-Celsius in Australia during the summer with no trouble at all. If you pride yourself on being the best host, then don’t let your guests cook in the heat. Provide shade options – be it permanent or temporary. Buy sun umbrellas and shade clothes that form a vital part of your overall landscape design.

Consider Water

Having a water feature in your landscape design plans can end up being the best decision you’ve ever made. Water features offer a sense of calm, enhance an area, and give you something to look at. A small fountain, pond, or waterfall can even be a talking point for guests.


The dark night sky can often tell your guests it’s time to go home – usually long before you’re ready to finish. If you want to keep your guests around for as long as possible, consider premium lighting. You can add solar lights to your deck, fairy lights, or even invest in permanent outdoor lighting. Gas heating with lights would work a treat as well.

Landscape designs often incorporate paths, flowers, shrubs, and privacy, but not always how to make your guests comfortable. Welcome summer with a brand new entertainment area that caters to all your guests’ needs. You won’t regret making the investment.