7 Tips From The Experts On Maintaining Newly Cleaned Carpets

If you have chosen to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets, whether once or regularly, you will have allowed them to look their best and prolong their lifespan.

Apart from providing their carpet cleaning services, these experts are also asked many questions by their clients about how carpets can best be looked after between being professionally cleaned. While no single tip will cover every eventuality that might befall a carpet, if you follow several tips, you are making massive progress in keeping your carpets in excellent condition, including how they appear.

Here are seven top carpet cleaning tips from the professionals at Perth Home Cleaners that you, or your carpet, can also benefit from.

Wait Until The Carpet Is Dry

Professionals use many carpet cleaning methods, which leave the carpet remaining damp by the end of the cleaning. Some clients make mistakes by rushing to replace furniture on the carpet and allowing their families to walk across it immediately. This can damage carpets and cause colour transfer, so always wait until a carpet has thoroughly dried.

Vacuum Carpets Daily

So much damage is caused to carpets by hard, dry particles such as tiny stones, dust and pollutants, grit, and even dried food crumbs. Whilst professional carpet cleaners with their high-powered vacuuming machines will remove this, between their visits, you should try to maintain that condition. The best and simplest way is to vacuum your carpets daily.

Place Rugs And Mats In High-Usage Areas

You will have seen carpets in homes and offices where one section looks brand new and another looks aged with flattened fibers. This is caused by uneven usage across the carpet, where some areas are walked on more than others. You can eliminate this issue by placing rugs or mats on frequently walked-over areas.

Change Furniture Positions

Just as people’s legs and feet can crush carpet fibers as they walk across them, so can the legs and feet of furniture, but to an even greater degree. Leaving furniture in the same place for long periods creates indents; the fibers below will be crushed and often irreversible. Try moving your furniture around to spread the wear; this is also nice as it changes your home and gives the illusion of a newer space.

Do Not Wait To Deal With Stains

One of the biggest enemies of well-maintained carpets is not so much stains but the time it takes to deal with them. If dealt with immediately, most stains can be removed, and the carpet is made to look as if nothing has happened. However, with delay or dither, the stain can become permanent, or at least it seems so, until professional carpet cleaners can handle it.

Shoes Off At The Door

The damage caused to carpets by your family walking through the front or back door and then walking across them is considerable. This is caused by moisture, mud, stones, grit, and even dye transfer from wet footwear. As such, ensure that all footwear is removed when entering the home.

Have Carpets Treated With Protectant

Although this might not be suitable for every carpet type, for those carpets that it is, having them treated with a protective coating that helps to stop spills and stains from penetrating the fibers can be a godsend when it comes to maintaining your carpets. If you wish to discover more about carpet protectorates for your home, speak to your carpet cleaning company, which should be able to provide you with this service.