Saving vs. Splurging with Renovations

There is no doubt about it; renovations can be expensive, and many people find their renovation budget is simply shot to pieces by the time they’ve finished. But renovating the house can save the costs and effort of moving to another one, so if you don’t want to call Brilliance Removalists Perth just yet, it has to be done.

To avoid a budget blowout, it is important to plan out your renovation carefully, costing each stage and component and not making any changes to the plans halfway through. Experts tell us that there is a time to save and a time to splurge. Knowing which and when can save you heaps.

What to splurge on

The time to splurge is when something essential to your home needs repair or an upgrade. Often, this may not even be visible. For instance, if you renovate some part of the home and come across subpar structural elements. Or you might be tempted to save on the cost of joists and bearers. Don’t do it. Your home must meet all the Australian Standards requirements to be safe. It will not be passed if you don’t do it properly, but even more importantly, it may not stand up to the next big storm. Investing in good quality systems such as water, gas, and air-conditioning can save you more in the long run, as better quality units last longer and require less maintenance.

False savings

Having your roof blow off because you didn’t want to spend the money to build it properly will cost you more than doing it properly in the first place. Getting an unlicensed plumber to ‘fix’ that plumbing can cost more in the long run, so getting a proper residential plumbing expert to start with will save you more in the long run. The same goes for any other kind of renovation. So, just where should you try to save?


7 Amazing Tips For Maximising Your Solar Energy Savings

7 Amazing Tips For Maximising Your Solar Energy Savings

As the world moves increasingly towards using renewable energy wherever possible, using solar power to generate electricity is becoming a trendy choice for many homeowners. Not only does it reduce your family’s carbon footprint, but it can also save you money on your electricity bills, which, of course, helps your household budget.

Below are seven excellent tips to maximise savings using solar energy.

Choose The Correct Solar System

Choosing the right solar system is crucial in maximising your energy savings; you need to consider a range of factors, such as the size of your home, your electricity usage, the climate in your area, and any potential future changes in your energy needs. A reputable solar panel company can help you determine the appropriate size and type of solar system you need for your home.

Hire Professionals For Proper Installation

Installing them properly is essential to work well and last longer; the installer will follow all the necessary guidelines and regulations to ensure your solar system is installed safely and effectively. They will also know where to pop them on your roof and what angle to place them in to ensure that your panels receive maximum sunlight.


5 Reasons You Should Be Thinking About Landscaping

5 Reasons You Should Be Thinking About Landscaping

As a home or business owner, you will be required to make a lot of decisions in life. One of those decisions might be whether or not you put any time, effort, or money into landscaping, gardening and lawn care.

We don’t tend to spend as much time in our gardens as we do in our homes, which may be why some people can be on the fence about whether they want to focus on this part of their property. However, aside from its aesthetics, there are many reasons why now could be the right time to start thinking about landscaping.

To Increase Your Property Value

Even in a hot property market with homes being snapped up quickly, spending time and money on landscaping can often lead to even higher returns. Your return on investment (ROI) can also be exceptional.

Some people also find that even between two similar homes, a neatly manicured yard with care and effort put into landscaping can be the deciding factor for many prospective purchasers.



Laundry Needs Some Love? Here’s How to Make It Look Fabulous

The laundry can sometimes be one of the most neglected areas of your home. Even though you might hire cabinet makers and other professionals to give other parts of your home the love they need, the laundry never seems to fare as well.

In fact, according to bathroom and laundry specialists some people just tuck their washing machines and dryers in the garage, rather than give them a space of their own. If you want to put as much effort into your laundry as you did your bathroom renovation, kitchen, and other areas, then here’s how to go about it.

Criticize Your Laundry

The first step to getting that gorgeous new laundry you’ve always wanted is to criticize the one you’ve got. Why don’t you like it?

Does it lack storage? Is it dark and dinghy? Is its cabinetry falling apart? Or, maybe, it doesn’t have any cabinetry at all. Identify these problems, and you can avoid making them with your laundry renovation.

Hire a Cabinet Maker

Laundries can be challenging spaces to work with, especially if you are not the first owner of your home. There may be quirky plumbing with which to contend, not to mention a lack of storage or storage in all the wrong places.

Rather than deal with this nightmare on your own, it can be worth hiring a cabinet maker. They can walk you through not only the best placement of cabinetry but the best designs that make your laundry stand out for all the right reasons.


Experienced Removalist

When You Have To Move

Everybody has their own take and ideas on what a removalist service like Brilliance Removalists Brisbane really means. Individuals are just that – individuals, and not every customer will want the same things done as every single household removal job will be unique.

Having said that, an experienced removalist knows that customers typically want specific services that are common to all jobs. And if they are not common then the removal company should initiate them.

  • Quick turnaround on quotations. If you have to chase a service provider because they are too busy or they have neglected to get back to you, it should be a warning sign that their future performance might be lacking as well.
  • Good Advice and a bit of Direction. There are not a lot of customers who might call themselves seasoned veterans when it comes to moving their home or office. Clients will want some proactive advice and guidance rather than thinking further down the track when a problem hits: “Nobody told me that.”


Choosing Scaffolding

5 Tips for Choosing Scaffolding

Scaffolding is an essential part of most buildings, allowing workers to access higher parts safely and take their equipment and building materials up with them. Without a scaffold, it would be impossible to complete most building projects. Scaffold is needed to build boats, houses, high-rise buildings and plant. It can be used for structures such as piers and docks, bridges and many similar projects.

ScaffoldingSince building companies must use this supporting structure for most, if not all of their projects, how can they choose the best scaffold hire company? Here are some tips.

  • Most building companies get to know who can be trusted in the trades arena. If you sublet or hire a company and find them difficult to work with or that they don’t do a good job, you won’t hire them again next time. Word quickly gets around about companies with a bad reputation, so the first thing to do is ask another company who they used and if they were satisfied with them.


Home Repairs Planning

Financial Planning for a Home Extension

Most financial advisors would tell you that financial planning is really the first step in achieving your goals for a home extension. Many people buy a home that is on the small side because it is cheaper. They plan to add an extension as they need it and can afford it. But sometimes that time never comes because they don’t plan their finances to include it. With help from a financial planner such as Andep, you can rearrange your finances to get that extension you so desperately need, rather than staying squashed up in a home that is too small.

Don’t be disheartened if your finances seem to all be taken up with paying off other things. There is nearly always a way to squeeze some more out by rearranging other payments, taking a part time job for a few months or better still, having a financial expert go through your finances with you and point out ways to save or get more.



How to Make the Best Use of Your Patio

Having a patio added to your home is a great idea because there are so many ways it can be used to enhance your lifestyle. Don’t just stick a few potted plants in and leave it at that. Here are some ways you can make the best use of this additional area to your home and enhance your lifestyle while doing it.

  • Start with choosing a convenient spot to have it installed. Attaching it to the home will ensure that it is convenient to use. This will actually extend the floor space of the home so you get more room without the cost of a home extension. You can use the area as an outdoor living room by adding comfortable seating, a table and even heating and lighting.
  • A patio makes an ideal games room for things such as a pool table that tends to take up too much room in the house unless you have a special room to put it in. Add a bar for drinks, a dart board on the wall and you are all set for fun evenings with friends or family.


Renovating Property

Do Those Sums Before Renovating Property

A full property renovation is not for the fainthearted, but it can be a great way to get started in the real estate market. By purchasing run down homes and doing renovations you stand to make a profit when you sell. However, much depends on the cost of the renovation and part of this is likely to be equipment hire.

A handyman is unlikely to have all the equipment needed to renovate a home from the foundations or floor up. They may need to hire such things as scaffold or professional tools to complete the task. Plant hire could also be on their list, depending on what needs to be done. Excavators can make any job go a lot faster, especially when you need to excavate ground to fix foundations or add new ones.

It is wise to make out a list of everything that needs doing to a home or building before you even purchase the property, because if the repairs are too extensive you may make a loss rather than a profit. Or you may make a smaller profit than you wanted. Don’t forget you should also count in the hours you are likely to spend working on it with the other costs. You don’t want to be working for next to nothing.