Your Pool and your Backyard Entertainment Area

Backyard Entertainment Area

It’s taken a while but you finally have the pool in your yard that you have been dreaming about. But it’s not over. It’s time to add accessories. Some unique landscaping and decorating will enable you to personalise your backyard. There are so many ways to do it as well. A landscape design that includes outdoor pool furniture, rock gardens, water features, trees, and flowers, will look simply great. Here are a few ways you can give it that wow factor look

According to The Landscape Association, landscaping is not just about plants. Proper landscape design goes way beyond that concept. Your pool needs to be in an environment that will be appealing and comfortable and more importantly, accessible. Once you have constructed the deck and your patio, the plants you choose to dress up the area should be ones that will flourish in our Australian weather. If in doubt, check with your landscape designer. Things to look at in your plan will be coordinating your landscape design to mesh with that of your house and in a sensible proportion. You do not want plants and flowers that shed leaves all year round and causing debris to fall into your pool or onto your deck. Don’t forget that trees and plants are great for privacy, but never let them overtake your backyard as they create problems with root systems and hence the drainage.

Do you want flowers and other beautiful, exotic plants around your pool? There are specific plants that can make your pool look like a natural oasis in your backyard. Another decision is whether to plant flowers or pot them. Plants that are grounded are both permanent and tend to give your pool the look of natural lagoon.

Comfortable Outdoor Furniture
When the landscape is done and plants and shrubs are settling in, you can finish off the project by choosing furniture and the other items that will make your pool area relaxing. Everybody’s idea of perfection is to have the backyard area almost an outdoor extension of their home. You can do all manner of things outdoors: eat, nap, have drinks with friends, entertain friends and family, and even watch the game on TV. You should have planned shade for the warmer summer days as well. Large umbrellas and pergolas will do just fine. Comfy furniture can be couches, table and chairs for dining, lounge type chairs on which to relax and vege out. Other accessories you can include are lamps, mats, wall hangings, cushions and pillows.

The right lighting is certainly a must to create a super outdoor space for evenings as well. You can opt for pathway lights, subtle down lights, torch lights and to add a bit of extra twinkle and pizzazz to the backyard. string some LED lights up as well. When you combine all this with your pool lit up at night, it’s a great feeling knowing you have everything just perfect.