How to Clean Your Shower Door Perfectly

Clean Your Shower Door

No one would openly admit to liking all household chores. In fact, most people would go as far as to say they would prefer someone else did them for them. However, there comes a time when you have to bite the bullet and combat those messy floors, dirty shower screens, and piles of dishes yourself.

However, some tasks are easier than others, and shower screens are something with which many people can struggle. How do you make sure the glass looks as good as the day you bought it?

The problem is, cleaning your shower screen is not something you should do when it looks dirty, but as part of your daily routine. Unfortunately, a combination of soap scum and hard water can not only make your shower screen look dirty, but damage it as well. Over time, etching can occur, which is permanent. The more you clean your shower screen, the better it can look.

The best way to clean your shower screen so that it looks as good as new is to wipe it down after each use with a microfibre cloth or squeegee. While it might seem like a tedious chore, it’s all in the name of saving time on a deep clean and protecting your shower screen.

Follow up the wiping process with a quick spray of shower cleaner. Get in the habit of doing this after each daily shower you take. If you hang your squeegee in the shower on a hook, it’s a gentle reminder to complete this task before you get out.

If you’re combating shower scum because you forgot to clean the shower screen every day, then some cleaning methods are better than others. The sooner you get onto the cleaning, the lower the risk of etching.

You can use wet dryer sheets which help create that perfect shine, or even specific shower sponges designed to be gentle yet effective. Remember always to wear gloves to protect yourself from chemicals.

If you would prefer to stay away from chemicals, then you have that option as well. Shower screens can become clean and sparkling with the help of baking soda, water, and vinegar. This scum-fighting concoction can be equally as effective as some cleaning products on the market.

If your shower screen is beyond saving and your entire bathroom needs an overhaul, then put thought into the shower screen you’ll choose next. A frameless glass shower screen can be far easier to clean than one with a frame. Some also come with protective solutions to reduce how often you need to clean your glass. Put time and effort into cleaning your shower door then decide on which step you’d like to take next.