Saving vs. Splurging with Renovations

There is no doubt about it; renovations can be expensive, and many people find their renovation budget is simply shot to pieces by the time they’ve finished. But renovating the house can save the costs and effort of moving to another one, so if you don’t want to call Brilliance Removalists Perth just yet, it has to be done.

To avoid a budget blowout, it is important to plan out your renovation carefully, costing each stage and component and not making any changes to the plans halfway through. Experts tell us that there is a time to save and a time to splurge. Knowing which and when can save you heaps.

What to splurge on

The time to splurge is when something essential to your home needs repair or an upgrade. Often, this may not even be visible. For instance, if you renovate some part of the home and come across subpar structural elements. Or you might be tempted to save on the cost of joists and bearers. Don’t do it. Your home must meet all the Australian Standards requirements to be safe. It will not be passed if you don’t do it properly, but even more importantly, it may not stand up to the next big storm. Investing in good quality systems such as water, gas, and air-conditioning can save you more in the long run, as better quality units last longer and require less maintenance.

False savings

Having your roof blow off because you didn’t want to spend the money to build it properly will cost you more than doing it properly in the first place. Getting an unlicensed plumber to ‘fix’ that plumbing can cost more in the long run, so getting a proper residential plumbing expert to start with will save you more in the long run. The same goes for any other kind of renovation. So, just where should you try to save?