How to Get the Look of a Timber Fence Without the Maintenance

Timber Fence

Timber is a beautiful and traditional fencing material that comes in many wonderful styles and can be painted in many different colours, making it a popular choice for fencing. But many fencing contractors would be able to point to other options that will give you the same look and advantages of timber without the high cost of maintenance.

For instance, there is aluminium available in wood-grained slats the colour of timber. By using such a material you can mimic a timber fence without worrying about using up the earth’s resources. Although truthfully, timber is a renewable resource with many plantations of pine and other species grown especially for the building trade.

However, aluminium has the advantage of not rotting due to rainy weather conditions, nor does it catch on fire and burn down like a timber fence can in bushfire season, making it ideal for use in bushfire prone areas.  It is not prone to termites or any other insects. In comparison, timber is prone to white ant attack and even black ants can build nests in the crevices and end up reducing the timber to a rotted mess if not taken care of.

The aluminium slats used for fencing are powder-coated in colours that resemble many timbers such as Jarrah, Western Red Cedar, Snow Gum and Bushwood. You never have to stain or repaint it like you would a timber fence and it never splits or warps out of shape.

Of course, you can also get the same product in a finish that is not like timber at all if you have a very modern home that would look better enclosed with a framework of silver aluminium or powder coated with a grey colour or any other colour you may decide on.

Aluminium can be considered highly sustainable due to it not needing any maintenance and being rust free. It can also be recycled.

Aluminium slats inserted between lightweight modular posts or panels that look like rendered masonry, make a fence that is strong and secure and offers privacy as well as a windbreak. The same slats can be made into a gate that complements the fence and also offers the same privacy with its integrated design.

It’s important to have the kind of fence that is low in maintenance costs and work, lasts a long time and offers what you need for your lifestyle, such as privacy and security or even shade and windbreak in your garden so you can enjoy your life to the full.

Fences don’t have to be plain and boring. Take advantage of the many eco friendly fence options that are available these days to get the kind of affordable and beautiful fence that you’ve always dreamed about.