When You Have To Move

Experienced Removalist

Everybody has their own take and ideas on what a removalist service like Brilliance Removalists Brisbane really means. Individuals are just that – individuals, and not every customer will want the same things done as every single household removal job will be unique.

Having said that, an experienced removalist knows that customers typically want specific services that are common to all jobs. And if they are not common then the removal company should initiate them.

  • Quick turnaround on quotations. If you have to chase a service provider because they are too busy or they have neglected to get back to you, it should be a warning sign that their future performance might be lacking as well.
  • Good Advice and a bit of Direction. There are not a lot of customers who might call themselves seasoned veterans when it comes to moving their home or office. Clients will want some proactive advice and guidance rather than thinking further down the track when a problem hits: “Nobody told me that.”

  • Whole job Focus. There’s more to a successful moving job than rocking up with a truck and some labour. The customer wants to see a service that takes in the whole moving project and certainly any negative commitment by the removalist will not be acceptable.
  • Commitment to the Task. Not delivering on the removal job, or not providing some of the promised services can be rather traumatic for the customer. Apologies just won’t cut it when a removalist company doesn’t do what it promised to do.
  • Care. You don’t want your personal possessions moved and handled by somebody who thinks of it as just another job. A commitment to care and doing a great job is of paramount importance.
  • Safe and Security. Whether the client’s goods are in storage or transit, their security is essential.
  • Extraordinary communication. The customer just wants to know what’s happening. Any bit of uncertainty in a removals job is a nightmare to the customer so every effort should be made to keep people informed about what’s happening.

A removals company that can provide the above requisites when handling household possessions will stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

There are some interesting variables that can be added to the removal job, and these include:

  • Providing professional packing services
  • Offering secure storage
  • There might be a need to provide cleaning and gardening services.
  • Those flat packs of furniture you had to put together will need dismantling
  • It’s not unusual for large pieces of furniture that were built into place to be broken down into smaller pieces so it can be taken out through existing windows and doors. This may require a bit of carpentry.
  • Goods may need to be removed then later packed into a container for overseas shipment.
  • Don’t forget to insure your goods. Accidents happen.
  • Do you need a tradesman or a specialist to do something to make removal possible? Liaison with other parties may be required.

There’s nothing worse in a removal job than an unpleasant surprise, and events like that won’t happen when mitigation of all possibilities are part of the service provided by the removalist.