5 Great Landscaping Trends to Consider for Your Garden


According Lone Pine Landscapes, landscaping trends come and go and it is nice to ensure your home always looks modern, with at least some of the latest trends. It is not always just about looks, but about enhancing your lifestyle. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed and the right kind of landscaping can help us relax, get back to nature and even be healthier. Here are some of the latest trends for your outdoor space.

  • Living spaces – when you can get outdoors and enjoy nature more, it reduces your tension and stress. To that end, people now like to create an outdoor space or ‘room’ they can utilise as an extra room. Whether it is a gazebo set up as a reading room or a deck combining plants with an outdoor kitchen – or even a paved area with a fire pit, it will help you and your family to enjoy more time in the outdoors without having to leave home to do it.

  • Edible gardens – whether this is a dedicated vegetable garden or a few tomato bushes or herbs like parsley grown in with your flowers, it’s fun to wander through the garden and pick something to eat as you go. Not to mention all the vitamins and minerals that are packed into home-grown food.
  • Natural gardens – for too many years, gardens in Australia have been forced copies of English gardens, even though our climate and soil is quite different. The trend is now to use plants that are natives and will not need to adapt to a different climate. Many Australian plants don’t require constant watering or even deep soil. Growing them means saving water and energy, because you’ll have a low maintenance garden.
  • Eco friendly gardens – these days we know to use pesticides sparingly or not at all so the good insects are not killed along with the pests. Fertilisers are more of a natural kind that won’t wash out into the ocean. And natural stone, not only for walls, but for seating and tables is a far longer-lasting option than many other materials.
  • Techno-gardens – last but not least the savvy gardener is making the best use of the latest technology such as automatic watering systems and sensors to get the right amount of water where it is needed. They also use solar lighting to enhance special garden features and make the garden safer at night.

You can see that these trends all make gardening simpler and easier while enhancing your lifestyle. It is no longer necessary to spend the whole weekend working in the garden – unless you want to, of course. Having leisure time to spend with family and friends is important and these few gardening trends will help you do that.