Does Your Landscaping Website Need SEO?

Does Your Landscaping Website Need SEO?

If you do a search on Google for landscaping companies in your area, does yours appear? If it does not, it means your competitors are gaining customers online instead of you, and this is why the SEO experts at are advising those landscape companies who are not appearing at the top of Google’s results to seriously think about having an SEO plan created and implemented.

It could be that you have avoided SEO due to the fact that you are unsure how it will benefit you, and most importantly whether it will actually give you a return on your investment versus the quicker, but also the more expensive option, of paid advertising.

There is no denying that paid advertising or pay per click as it is more often called, can provide you with almost instant results. By setting up ads, and bidding on certain keywords, you could have traffic clicking through to your website within an hour or two. That sounds great, but the problem is, if you have a limited budget, then likewise you will see limited traffic.

This will be especially so if you are bidding on the same keywords, or search terms, that your competitors are. Worse, if there are larger landscaping companies with bigger advertising budgets than your landscaping company, they can simply outbid you on the cost per click and get traffic at the best times of the day when most people are likely to be searching for a landscaping company.

Another downside with regards to budget size and competing with other companies for paid ads is that unless you are able to sustain spending on ads, you cannot continue with them. Google and the other paid advertising platforms are not charities and once you stop paying for ads, then they will switch off your ads too, and as such switch off any traffic those ads were generating for you.

By comparison, whilst SEO is certainly a competitive environment, it is much less of a short-term solution that relies solely on how much money you can spend on advertising. It is obviously going to require an investment in the SEO agency, which is going to research, plan, and implement your SEO, but as for ongoing costs, these are minimal compared to paid advertising which are often never-ending.

For the investment you make in SEO, you will first be benefitting from the skills and expertise of the SEO professionals working for you, plus the many tools and software which they use. All of these allow them to conduct analysis not just on your current website and its ranking, but crucially, on your competitors’ websites, including those which rank highly on Google.

From this research, a plan will be devised to have your website rank in those higher positions instead, and not just for one or two search terms, but for multiple search terms. Often there are search terms relating to landscaping which people type into Google, but many landscaping companies are not aware of. By optimising your website and it appearing in the #1 position for these, you will have extra traffic to your website.

Other research relating to keywords, the creation of optimised content, ensuring your website has everything Google looks for and generating backlinks to your website, are just a few of the other SEO tactics and SEO agency will implement for you. In doing so, they will be multiplying the amount of traffic to your landscaping company’s website, which means more customers and more revenue.