Skills And Expertise Needed To Create Your Interior Design Business Website

Skills And Expertise Needed To Create Your Interior Design Business Website

Whenever you need or want a new website for your interior design business, there is a number of ways you could approach it. You might attempt to build it yourself, you could employ an individual or you could follow the advice that the web designers at give to anyone who asks them about website design.

That advice is that you have to remember that your website is your online presence and, given how important the internet has become when people are researching companies and businesses, it is essential that your website promotes you in the best possible way.

This means that all possible resources should go into the design of your website so that it loads properly, pages open quickly, everything works on the site, the content and media educate, entertain, and inform visitors, and at all times it operates in a way that will take someone a step forward from being simply a ‘browser’ to a paying client.

The risk of building your own website, or entrusting it to a well-meaning and diligent freelancer, is that the resources available to you and them are simply not sufficient to create a website for your interior design business that is likely to achieve what you want it to. By resources, we are not just talking about the tangible ones like tools, software, and design templates, but intangible ones, which are actually far more valuable.


Child-Friendly Kitchen Tips

Child-Friendly Kitchen Tips

When you start looking at different kitchens in preparation for designing and building your own, it’s easy to just look at the materials and colours to form your dream kitchen. However, suppose you’re in a busy household with young children. In that case, it can sometimes be worth factoring their needs and safety into the design, as well.

Even though children don’t stay young forever, there are plenty of small, subtle changes you can make to a standard kitchen design to ensure it caters to them now and in the future.

Rounded Edges

There are plenty of beautiful, sharp-edged cabinets out there that meet the mark for style and functionality. But then you start thinking about how many times your kids have fallen over and bumped their heads. With that in mind, it can be a good idea to consider rounded-edge countertops instead.

They are not a significant change from a standard one, but they have smoother edges that can end up being more forgiving to a young child’s head, should they slip and fall.

Touch-Free Faucets

Touch-free faucets are not only convenient for homeowners but also for their kids. If children are not tall enough to comfortably turn a tap on and off, it’s easy enough for them to turn on scalding-hot water and accidentally burn themselves accidentally.

Touch-free faucets often come with the added benefit of allowing you to pre-set the water temperature. That single feature can offer much-needed peace of mind.



Laundry Needs Some Love? Here’s How to Make It Look Fabulous

The laundry can sometimes be one of the most neglected areas of your home. Even though you might hire cabinet makers and other professionals to give other parts of your home the love they need, the laundry never seems to fare as well.

In fact, according to bathroom and laundry specialists some people just tuck their washing machines and dryers in the garage, rather than give them a space of their own. If you want to put as much effort into your laundry as you did your bathroom renovation, kitchen, and other areas, then here’s how to go about it.

Criticize Your Laundry

The first step to getting that gorgeous new laundry you’ve always wanted is to criticize the one you’ve got. Why don’t you like it?

Does it lack storage? Is it dark and dinghy? Is its cabinetry falling apart? Or, maybe, it doesn’t have any cabinetry at all. Identify these problems, and you can avoid making them with your laundry renovation.

Hire a Cabinet Maker

Laundries can be challenging spaces to work with, especially if you are not the first owner of your home. There may be quirky plumbing with which to contend, not to mention a lack of storage or storage in all the wrong places.

Rather than deal with this nightmare on your own, it can be worth hiring a cabinet maker. They can walk you through not only the best placement of cabinetry but the best designs that make your laundry stand out for all the right reasons.


Does Your Landscaping Website Need SEO?

Does Your Landscaping Website Need SEO?

If you do a search on Google for landscaping companies in your area, does yours appear? If it does not, it means your competitors are gaining customers online instead of you, and this is why the SEO experts at are advising those landscape companies who are not appearing at the top of Google’s results to seriously think about having an SEO plan created and implemented.

It could be that you have avoided SEO due to the fact that you are unsure how it will benefit you, and most importantly whether it will actually give you a return on your investment versus the quicker, but also the more expensive option, of paid advertising.

There is no denying that paid advertising or pay per click as it is more often called, can provide you with almost instant results. By setting up ads, and bidding on certain keywords, you could have traffic clicking through to your website within an hour or two. That sounds great, but the problem is, if you have a limited budget, then likewise you will see limited traffic.

This will be especially so if you are bidding on the same keywords, or search terms, that your competitors are. Worse, if there are larger landscaping companies with bigger advertising budgets than your landscaping company, they can simply outbid you on the cost per click and get traffic at the best times of the day when most people are likely to be searching for a landscaping company.


Building Materials - 5 Myths About Epoxy Floor Coatings

Building Materials – 5 Myths About Epoxy Floor Coatings

If you have been researching floor coatings as you search for suitable building materials for your home, you will undoubtedly have come across some information relating to epoxy flooring, and if you haven’t, well you have now. Whilst there are plenty of excellent posts and articles about epoxy floor coatings, there is also a fair amount of misinformation.

We are not suggesting that any of it deliberately trying to mislead people, but instead, it comes from misunderstandings, and also from hearing, and then repeating myths about epoxy floors. So, to help those who are looking for facts about epoxy flooring we thought it was only right to call out those myths and explain why they are simply not true.

Myth #1: Epoxy Floors Are Slippery

This is one of the most common myths you will hear about epoxy floors, and it no doubt arises due to the smooth and shiny surface which epoxy floors have. Contrary to the myth, most epoxy floors are slip-resistant, and there are even specific epoxy coatings that have tiny, raised bumps that prevent slipping or skidding for floors in locations where slips and falls are a particular hazard, such as hospitals, and manufacturing units.

Myth #2: Epoxy Floors Coating Have To Be Recoated Regularly

One of the reasons we can dispel this myth is that it is well-known that epoxy floor coatings have a long lifespan, and this is why so many businesses choose it. It is able to stand up to heavy footfall and can also withstand normal wear and tear within buildings such as industrial facilities and factories.

Its durability is further evidenced by the fact that epoxy floor coatings can endure spillages including oil, solvents, and chemicals, which many other floor coatings cannot.


Prevent Water Damage To Your Carpet

How To Prevent Water Damage To Your Carpet

One of the things that can often cause carpets to need replacing is water damage, but it is also true that if certain steps are taken, they can be given a reprieve. These can involve getting a professional cleaning company to rescue and restore your carpets, and you can also take steps yourself which can help with that objective.

A critical element of whatever actions you take is that you act as quickly as possible. Every minute that you delay or ponder what you are going to do, is a minute where the water is doing ever-increasing damage to your carpets.

To give you a head start just in case you unfortunately ever find yourself in this kind of situation, we have outlined several ways in which you can help protect and save your carpets from water damage.

The first objective is to remove as much of the water from the carpet as possible. Obviously, the more water there is, the more difficult this is going to be, but nevertheless it needs to be done.


Choose the Right Security Company

How Do I Choose the Right Security Company for My House?

Home security is a major consideration in the modern world, especially in major urban areas where crime rates are increasing. For many people, installing security cameras and CCTV is a logical choice when it comes to protecting their property.

However, it’s important to spend a little time choosing the right security company, or else you risk running into problems in the future. Unfortunately, this is a lot easier said than done. Not all companies are equal, and not all offer the high level of service you deserve.

Because of this, we’ve put together the following guide to help you choose the right security company to look after your home. Consider the following:

Check Online Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

One of the best ways to choose a reliable security company with your best interests at heart is to check online reviews. A quick internet search will usually bring up numerous reviews from past clients, and you’ll be able to use these to make an informed decision about your choices.

At the same time, it’s always worth asking friends or family if they have any recommendations. Speak with people who are currently using some sort of security system and find out if their provider is a good option.



Most Useful Cleaning Technologies That Could Change Your Life

If you were to ask someone whether they preferred cleaning or holidaying, you would be unlikely to find anyone who would prefer to be scrubbing toilets than sunbathing.

Cleaning is most people’s least favourite thing to do because it’s hard. Fortunately, new technology exists to make it a whole lot easier. You still won’t choose it over a holiday, but at least you won’t be breaking your back for a sparkling clean home. Read on to learn what you should be welcoming into your home with open arms.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

There used to be a time where we thought robots would take over the world. To a degree, they have, but at least they’re starting with cleaning our homes. Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming more advanced by the day and can undertake regular home cleaning whether or not you are home.

They have a base port they travel to and from, and they can often sense and move away from obstacles. As a rule, the more you spend on a robot vacuum cleaner, the more advanced and helpful it can be.

Robot Lawn Mowers

If it’s not enough that you can leave all your floor cleaning up to a robot, you can also leave your lawn care in its capable hands, too. Robot lawnmowers work with GPS to mow your lawns as you need. They have been so popular and cost-efficient that some councils have even installed them at local parks to save money. Spend more time doing the things you love and less time worrying about lawn care.


Clean Your Shower Door

How to Clean Your Shower Door Perfectly

No one would openly admit to liking all household chores. In fact, most people would go as far as to say they would prefer someone else did them for them. However, there comes a time when you have to bite the bullet and combat those messy floors, dirty shower screens, and piles of dishes yourself.

However, some tasks are easier than others, and shower screens are something with which many people can struggle. How do you make sure the glass looks as good as the day you bought it?

The problem is, cleaning your shower screen is not something you should do when it looks dirty, but as part of your daily routine. Unfortunately, a combination of soap scum and hard water can not only make your shower screen look dirty, but damage it as well. Over time, etching can occur, which is permanent. The more you clean your shower screen, the better it can look.

The best way to clean your shower screen so that it looks as good as new is to wipe it down after each use with a microfibre cloth or squeegee. While it might seem like a tedious chore, it’s all in the name of saving time on a deep clean and protecting your shower screen.

Follow up the wiping process with a quick spray of shower cleaner. Get in the habit of doing this after each daily shower you take. If you hang your squeegee in the shower on a hook, it’s a gentle reminder to complete this task before you get out.


Landscape for Entertaining

How to Landscape for Entertaining

If you love nothing more than spending time with family and friends, then your home setup and landscaping are essential. You wouldn’t, for example, invite your entire family over for dinner if you only had enough chairs for two people.

That’s why landscape design is essential when you’re catering to specific requirements. If it’s not right, you’re not able to do everything you had planned. Here’s how to incorporate your need for entertaining into your landscape design.

Plenty of Seating

When Australia puts on a show in the warm summer months, you can often be in the mood to invite all your friends and family around. You can share a cold beverage outside and enjoy the sun beating down in your lovely surroundings. If that sounds like your idea of fun, then ensure you incorporate plenty of seating and seating areas into your landscape design. Consider brick, wood, or concrete benches to encompass the outer edges of your deck, or invest in outdoor tables and chairs.

Al Fresco Dining

Not everyone has a home that’s suitable for dining. A lack of space can drive you outside, which is not necessarily a bad thing when the weather’s beautiful. Make sure your outdoor entertaining area is equipped for al fresco dining. Invest in a barbecue and even look at chillers and bar leaners to make it a full dining experience. You can elevate your al fresco dining area with the use of nice building materials such as stone cladding or timber floors.

Provide Shelter

It can reach over 30 degrees-Celsius in Australia during the summer with no trouble at all. If you pride yourself on being the best host, then don’t let your guests cook in the heat. Provide shade options – be it permanent or temporary. Buy sun umbrellas and shade clothes that form a vital part of your overall landscape design.